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The Eagle aka Barok

This Wiki is dedicated to The Eagle, a freighter which was sunk intentionally at the Florida Keys to become an artificial reef and Scuba diving spot.

The Eagle wreck Wiki is maintained by Bart Koop-Henzen, whose father Frans Koop was Radio Officer on the ship from 1969-1974 when she was known under the name 'Barok'. Together with his father and mother, Bart sailed on the Barok for several years.

Please feel free to add more information to this site. Did you dive to the Eagle? Or maybe you sailed on her? Then please add your information, stories, photos, video, dive profiles etc! Thanks in advance!

Frans Koop is looking for the Elektromekano M97 and M88 receivers and their documentation. If you have one (or both) for sale, please contact

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  • 1962 - Built for Danish shipowners J. Lauritzen at Bijker's Aannemingsbedrijf N.V. IJsselwerf, Gorinchem, The Netherlands; named 'Raila Dan'.
  • 1962 July 7 - Launched.
  • 1962 October 2 - left Bijker's shipyard for trials, afterwards taken over by J. Lauritzen.
  • 1969 August - Sold to J. Damhof Jr. and operated by N.V. Scheepvaartbedrijf "Poseidon". Renamed 'Barok'.
  • 1974 - Sold to Mano Seaways Ltd, Haifa, Israel, renamed 'Carmela'.
  • 1976 - Sold to Maritime Shipping Corporation, Georgetown, Cayman Islands, renamed 'Ytai'
  • 1977 March 15 - Fire in engine room while discharging cargo at Port of Spain. Declared a constructive loss and sold to Sea Trading Ltd., Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Repaired and renamed 'Etai'.
  • 1981 - Sold to Carigulf Ltd., Belize, registered in the Cayman Islands and renamed 'Carigulf Pioneer'
  • 1984 - Sold to Jonaz Corporation Ltd. of Georgetown, Cayman Islands and renamed 'Arron K.'
  • 1985 October 6 - Arron K. damaged by fire when sailing from Miami to Venezuela; superstructure damaged beyond economical repair; moored at Miami River
  • 1985 December 19th - Renamed 'Eagle Tire Co.' and sunk as an artificial reef near Lower Matecumbe Key, Florida by the Upper Keys Artificial Reef Association
  • 1998 September 25th - Split in two by Hurricane Georges

Technical Details

Raila Dan:

  • 1768 gt; 955 nt; 2325 dw; 268'6"/237'6" x 40'2.5" x 20'8"; 12.5 knots.
  • Wholly welded and especially equipped for navigation in the ice-filled waters of Greenland, in North Canada and off Finland.
  • Strengthened to the requirements of Finnish Ice Class 1A.
  • Special ice fins to protect rudder and screw.
  • Screw: 4 blades, fixed pitch.
  • 2 holds; total capacity ca. 113,000 cub. ft. of grain. Access to holds by two 53 ft. long hatches with steel hatch covers.
  • Each hatch served by four 5-ton derricks. Aditionally one 20-ton heavy duty derrick.
  • Ventilation for the holds provided by a powerful electrically driven ventilation plant.
  • Main engine: Smit & Bolnes SB 300 (300x550) 10 cylinder 2 stroke crosshead motor with supercharge, located aft. 1700BHP, speed 12.5 knots.
  • Atlas fresh water generator.
  • Navigation equipment: True motion radar; gyro self-steerer; Decca.
  • All accomodation situated above the engine room. Single cabins for crewmembers; saloon and lounge.

In The Media


  • The Raila Dan is a member of a family of polar ships built by Danish shipowners J. Lauritzen since 1953 for the Greenland trade. Many of these polar ships were chartered by third parties, including Australia, France and Belgium, for Antarctic expeditions. The most famous members of the family are Kista Dan, Magga Dan, Nella Dan & Thala Dan.
  • The Raila Dan has two identical sisterships, called Kaisa Dan and Sirpa Dan. Kaisa Dan was converted in 1974 into a geotechnical survey vessel called 'M.V. Mariner' and was still sailing the seas as of December 2006. Sirpa Dan was converted in 1968 into a cable lying vessel called 'Northern' for the Great Northern Telegraph Company. In 1990 she was converted into an oceanographical survey vessel and renamed 'Ocean Surveyor'. She was still sailing the seas in 2002.
  • Technical drawings of the Raila Dan, Kaisa Dan & Sirpa Dan are kept at the Maritime Museum of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  • On 25 february 1965, near Borkum, fire broke out in the Raila Dan's engine room while carrying cellulose from Hamina to Rochester. The chief engineer suffered severe burns to his head. The crew had to be evacuated. The ship was towed to Emden by Dutch towing vessel "MS Holland" for extensive repairs.
  • In June 1985, when the Arron K. was moored at the Miami River, investigators detected illegal dumping of diesel fuel sludge from the ship into the river. The ship's owners were fined US$5000.

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Special Thanks

Without the following people, would not have been possibe: My father and mother Frans & Harmke Koop, Bjarne Johansen (son of the last captain of Raila Dan), Brien Mastriana at, Gary Knapp at GRK Productions and Cherri and Gary Wood of the Caloosa Diveclub.


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